Weed + Yoga = Marijuasana

Here's what happens when you blaze it and then bend it, especially when Marijuana’s now legal in States.

Weed Yoga Vologlam.com

What It’s Like To Go To Weed Yoga? Has anyone thought about it? It’s like the most San Francisco thing you’ll ever do.

“Ganja yoga” is exactly what it sounds like: everyone in the class spends 15 minutes getting high together — you can smoke a joint or a bowl, or vape, or consume edibles — and then everyone does a 75-minute yoga class together.

Sounds simple isn’t it!


Knee aching too much for warrior pose? Stress of the day weighing you down too much for yogic lift-off? Then this crazy workout "Ganja yoga" is your salvation. 

Here’s what happened when I added ganja to my yoga practice. JUST GETTING STARTED............

Weed Yoga Vologlam.com

I "dropped in" right away giving a very mellow vibe after smoking an indica strain.

Weed Yoga Vologlam.com

My senses were heightened. The scent of the candle, the sound of the music, and the brisk draft coming in through the window were strong enough to easily distract, but they became a part of my flow instead.

Weed Yoga Vologlam.com

The music (or silence) really mattered.


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My movements were beat-driven, pulsing, and oceanic.

Weed Yoga Vologlam.com

I felt more connected to my insides.

Instead of running through my work list during downward-facing dog, I was tuned in to how each muscle felt and the rhythm of my inhales and exhales.

Weed Yoga Vologlam.com

Every sensation was exaggerated.

This was especially true with twists and circular joint movements. Low-lunge twist felt more dynamic, and "stirring the pot" in cat/cow was extra juicy. Flipping my wrists in plank and downward-facing dog elicited more sensation than usual...so you can imagine how liberating it felt to do a supported fish with a block underneath the heart space at the end of practice.

Weed Yoga Vologlam.com

And finally, I sit this round out and leave feeling rejuvenated.


Now, if you get suuuuuper high and go to yoga, will you achieve samadhi and skyrocket off to nirvana in the middle of your crow-to-handstand transition towards the end of your yoga session? Well, that’s probably not how it works, but let us all know what strain you used in the comments below if you do happen to experience enlightenment. 


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