Top Emmys Moments: A Proposal, The Fonz And… A Diversity Song?

Wait—was that genuinely entertaining awards show we just witnessed? Ah, 2018.

Top Emmys moments 2018 pn
You get the sense that the 2018 Emmys came here to party. It was loose, it was funny, it was political, and they kept it snappy (god bless). Everyone was feeling crummy, getting honest (remember when Jeff Bridges thanked his horse, Apollo?) and a little political. And like all good TV, it struck just the right note of realistic about the whole 2018 situation and trying to distract you from the insanity of the current political climate. Maybe that’s why The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel swept: It’s realistic but spritely, thoughtful but not dour. It’s the perfect show for right now, reminding us why we turn to the TV without letting us get too lost in fantasy worlds.
All of it made for a wildly entertaining night of television. Was this, dare I say it, extremely good awards show that was fun for the viewers at home to watch too? It can be done! Who knew it was even possible?!
Now that the main event is underway, what have you missed? Between the awkward moments on the red carpet, the unappreciated jokes from hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che, and the way current events permeated the evening, it was hard to keep track of everything. But we did it only for you. 

Here get a taste of the Top Emmys Moments of 2018


Video Courtsey: CNBC Live

“We solved it!”

Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson were the first faces we saw this Emmys—despite the fact that their SNL costars Colin Jost and Michael Che hosted—and they were singing an ode to the most diverse Emmys of all time. They were here to tell us that, yup! Diversity! No more racism! We fixed it!

Along for the musical interlude were cameos from Kristen Bell, Sterling K. Brown, Titus Burgess, Andy Samberg, and the “One of Each” Dancers, who ushered in RuPaul with a phone call for Kenan telling him that, actually, no it wasn’t solved. Oh. Well, okay. John Legend sing us off!

“I don’t even believe in God, but I’m going to thank her tonight.”

Thandie Newton won Best Supporting Actress in a Drama and couldn’t help but fly the a-religious flag. Michael Che, who earlier complained that his mother didn’t watch the Emmys because of no one thanks Jesus, should be sort of happy. So, should Ariana Grande:

Video Courtsey: @maxhypetv

Holy Shit, Was That An On-Stage Proposal?

Emmys organizers were looking for ways to boost declining audience ratings, but they could have never have planned for this: one of the winners asked his girlfriend to marry him from the stage as he accepted his award.

The happy couple provided a feel-good moment of live television on Emmys night.

Glenn Weiss, who took the prize for best director of a variety special ("The Oscars"), stunned viewers when he proposed to Jan Svendsen, who was sitting in the audience.

You wonder why I don't like to call you my girlfriend? Because I want to call you my wife," he said to cheers, applause and a few teary-eyed actors in the audience.

Weiss explained that his mother had passed away just two weeks ago, adding poignancy to a moment that brought the audience of A-listers to their feet.

The ring he offered Svendsen? The one his father gave his mother 67 years earlier.

Video Courtsey: @heylando

Leslie Jones Hyping Up Regina King

When she went out with RuPaul to award Lead Actress in a Limited Series, their intro was cute. But when the award went to Regina King for her work on Seven Seconds, she absolutely flipped. Her pumping up of Regina King— “Yes, baby! Yes, Regina!”—probably helped the actress, who seemed charmingly taken aback that she won. “I didn’t expect...I dropped lipstick down my dress…” Been there.

Video Courtsey: CNBC Live

'The Fonz' is back

After receiving five Emmy nominations since the 1970s that yielded no win, Winkler’s sixth and most recent nomination finally led to a win for supporting actor in a comedy. To celebrate the occasion, the entire audience rose to their feet to applaud the Barry star, who made light of his long road to Emmy gold in his acceptance speech.

I only have 37 seconds, and I wrote this 43 years ago,” he joked, before adding, "If you stay at the table long enough, the chips come to you, and tonight I get a chance to clear the table."

Jesse Plemmons' Moustache

Nobody saw that 'stache coming, and these two met making Fargo.

The Obamas producing The Apprentice

Another good Colin Jost joke:

The Obamas now even have their own production deal at Netflix. And my dream is that the only thing they produce is their own version of The Apprentice and it gets way higher ratings.”

That’s all of our dreams, Colin. That's all of our dreams.

Video Courtsey: CNBC Live

“Bring a friend to the polls.”

Upon accepting her award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Rachel Brosnahan pivoted from adorably heartfelt to political.

One of the things I love about this show is that it’s about women finding their voices anew, and that’s happening all over the country right now.” She then told

Video Courtsey: CNBC Live

Standing ovation for Betty White 

Comedy legend Betty White was greeted with a standing ovation at the Emmys as she was honored for her more than 80 years in showbiz.

"Somebody said something the other day about the 'First Lady of Television'," the 96-year-old actress told the audience. "And I took it as a big compliment.And then I heard her talking to her daughter a little later. She said 'First lady -- yes, she's that old. She was the first one way, way back'."

White, who has starred in hit shows such as "The Golden Girls," and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," couldn't resist a quip about Emmys producer and "Saturday Night Live" creator Lorne Michaels.

I want to thank Lorne Michaels for doing not only this tonight, but all the wonderful things he's done with me -- no, for me," she said to laughter.

White said she felt lucky to still be acting. She has worked on several shows in recent years including "Hot in Cleveland" and "Bones." A documentary about her life premiered on PBS last month.

It's incredible that you can stay in a career this long and still have people put up with you," she said.

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