Need Some Xxtra Bass? Try Portable Sodapop Wireless Speaker!

Just connect a regular soda bottle and double the bass!

Sodapop Wireless Speaker on

Don’t you worry! This time your sound quality won’t be compromised.

Because this Oslo based Norwegian design team (Permafrost to be more accurate) unveils Sodapop wireless speaker which allows you to enjoy the dynamic sound from a small portable speaker. The Scandinavian design uses a plastic bottle to enhance the low-frequency bass from the speaker. Yes, trust me they do!

This compact Bluetooth speaker screws onto the top of an empty plastic soda bottle, turning it into an acoustic enclosure and increasing its bass response and volume up to three times. 
Don’t take my word on it, see it for yourself!

Video Courtesy: Sodapop

Sodapop Audio launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Sodapop Portable Bluetooth speaker. And they amazingly successful already.

The Sodapop speaker has been designed to solve the main problem for small portable loudspeakers. They struggle to reproduce low-frequency bass, resulting in a somewhat feeble sound. This invention solves the problem by connecting the speaker to its own carrying case or any other suitable plastic bottle. This offers a compact portable wireless speaker that provide you with louder music, twice as much bass, and an overall superior sound.

 By utilizing the characteristics of the bottle material and the air inside the bottle, the Sodapop speaker can increase the sound volume in the bass range by as much as 10dB. To the human ear, a 10dB increase will sound approximately twice as loud. So in other words, the Sodapop speaker can generate twice as much bass, just by connecting an ordinary soda bottle. The effect is striking once the bottle is attached.

Get the ‘extra kick’

The custom-made bass bottle doubles as a protective carrying case for the speaker unit. Even so, the threaded interface that fastens the bottle is compatible with most regular plastic beverage bottles just about anywhere in the world.

The team consisting of award-winning industrial designers, acousticians, tech enthusiasts, speaker nerds and music-loving entrepreneurs. 

Sodapop combines Scandinavian design, quality, and innovation to form a new type of compact portable speakers that looks great and sounds amazing. 

Meet The Sodapoppers!

Scandinavian design – characterized by functionality, quality, simplicity and clean lines – ensures that playing music from your mobile devices is intuitive, easy and fun. 

Sodapop Audio was founded in 2016 by Øyvind Warp, Øystein Lien, Nicolai Olsen, Tom Trones and Permafrost Design Studio

The Sodapop concept is patent protected.


Just pledge NOK 440 or more (ABOUT £41) Limited Special | Deep Pink Be among the first to own the Sodapop™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker. These babies will ship from the factory box fresh as soon they come off the conveyor belt. 

Note: 25% off expected retail price. 

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