Skyscraper: 2018’s Biggest Original Live-Action Hit!

This 'Skyscraper' Poster Has People Asking: Could Dwayne Johnson Make That Jump?

Skyscraper: 2018's Biggest Original Live-Action Hit!

Is the giant skyscraper in the Rock’s new action movie, Skyscraper based on a real skyscraper? The answer is unclear, but right now, this building looks like it’s from an alternate dimension.



Did you know there's a new Dwayne Johnson summer blockbuster coming out this year?


No, not "Rampage" — the giant animal movie based very loosely on those old video games — that's coming out on 4/20. Johnson's summer movie for 2018 is called "Skyscraper" and the poster is totally actionable.

Check Out The Trailer!


The Amazing Crew

American Gods star Pablo Schreiber, along with Ghost in the Shell and The Dark Knight's Chin Han, will join in on the China-based action of Skyscraper

Neve Campbell is said to serve as the film’s co-star, directly opposite Johnson.


Lights Camera And Action

Mission: Impossible, Solo and (possibly) that third Cloverfield movie are not the only movies kickstarting their marketing campaigns tonight. We just got the first teaser/commercial for Universal and Legendary’s Skyscraper. As you can see, the film is a China-set riff on The Towering Inferno with Dwayne Johnson well… read this one for yourself…


So, we see Johnson is trying to launch himself over to that window entirely of his own power, he'd have to be faster than Usain Bolt. "Perhaps he's not just leaping," you say. Maybe he's given a boost somehow... or maybe he's not even aiming directly for the window. Anyways who cares, I am just enjoying the trailer.

A hero will do whatever it takes to protect his family.  #SkyscraperMovie

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Surprise, surprise!! Dwayne Johnson will be an all-around badass in a war veteran and former leader of an FBI hostage rescue team who works as a security consultant for skyscrapers. One such assignment in China, assessing the tallest building in the world, goes up in literal flames, leaving him framed for an immense case of arson; one that has left his family trapped in the upper floors (Wow, that looks goofy as hell). Now on the run, Johnson’s character must clear his name, rescue his family, find the real culprit(s), kick some ass and make things explode along the way. – Quite a to-do list.

Save the Date


Skyscraper has locked up the primo real estate of July 13, 2018.

Tune in to the Big Game for a first look at #SkyscraperMovie.

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Be ready for the movie because it seems like Dwayne beating Bolt's speed record😂…...You "earned" it. 😜

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