Sinta Soekadarova in ’43…and proud!’ by Paolo Prisco


Model: Sinta Soekadarova

Photographer: Paolo Prisco

Sinta Soekadarova started her modelling career age 17 in Hamburg whilst studying musical theatre.

She became wonderbra girl Germany in 1995 and was fortunate travelling the world doing campaigns and shows for amazing brands and designers.

Working with Robbie Williams, Seal, Gabrielle, Pierce Brosnan in ‘the world is not enough 007’ , doing stage shows like Peter Pan at the royal festival hall in London and Chicago, having a song out in 1999 which hit number 1 in 18 countries and becoming miss fitness New York in 2004 meant life was never boring!

One of Sinta Soekadarova’s favorite moments was jumping into a glass of Baileys in the worldwide spot directed by legend Michael Rooney ‘cream with spirit’.

Now she is a proud ambassador for Vivobarefoot , a British shoe company.

What can you remember about being a young girl and what you wanted to be as a grown up?

“I wanted to be a princess when I was a young girl!

My definition of a princess meant being treated nice and respectfully by everyone, getting dressed up in amazing , fantastic costumes all the time dancing around to beautiful music and doing anything I like – whatever makes me happy and giving joy. I think I’m on track ;)”

Were you more of a tom-boy or a girly girl?

“Actually both as I love nature and being wild , and being a princess- so I will say a girly girl Tom-boy!”

What other things interest you other than fashion modeling?

“I love music and good movies, nature and yoga. Living life fully and how to make people smile.”

What can you tell us about your skincare regimen, your skin looks flawless!

“I believe beauty comes from inside, so the most important thing is what we put in our bodies, it will radiate out. 

Natural, organic plant based food , lots of water , spending as much time as possible outdoors and sleep is the secret.

A good moisturiser for the face and my own body oil mixture ( alternating sesame oil for optimal vitamin D absorption, coconut oil and cacao butter ) plus a regime of Doterra essential oils is what I swear by for amazing skin and happiness for the soul at the same time.”

What do you do to keep such a tight figure?

“I am a natural movement coach , a personal trainer and yoga teacher .I run at a slow pace for about 2 to 5 km whenever I can for my moving meditation and have my daily yoga practise for getting my head and body In the right space.

After practice I feel superhuman! The physical benefits is sort of a wonderful side defect of the process.

At the moment I really enjoy animalflow , a technique I just learnt to add on for a fun Bodyweight workout.”

Do you have any pets? Tell us about them if you do.

“I like my animals free and in the environment where they belong , so no.I have a 12 year old son though , who keeps me busy and on my toes :)”

What is your love life like? and just for fun, Describe it with a movie title 🙂

“Eat pray love ? I am in love with life and grateful for all I have…
Where is he…..? ?”

What kind of projects are you working on currently or will be in the near future?

“I am on the plane to Milan right now shooting for North face, I have two commercials to shoot in the next couple of weeks and a lovely campaign for a wellness brand.

Then I will be in India for a month studying with my guru-ji the practise of prana kriya yoga , a incredible powerful practice working with prana, our life force, the breath and physical posture.

You feel absolutely high from it and it is a intense cardiovascular workout!

So please come and see me when I get back 🙂”



Coffee or tea?

“Coffee…. I absolutely love coffee. The smell first thing in the morning makes me happy.”

Vanilla or chocolate?

“Chocolate! My favourite hands down – Booja Booja champagne truffles and hazelnut omg.”

Favorite band?

“At the moment Sia is on repeat on my iPod.”

Boxers or briefs?


– Sinta Soekadarova

Paolo Prisco says not just teenagers can be sexy and glamourous. Sinta Soekadarova is 43 y.o. and still gorgeous! She is Miss fitness New York 2004.








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