GlamGirl Sara Michaels | @saranicolemichaels

Sara Michaels (@saranicolemichaels) is a fitness and glamour model and fashionista who has accumulated a big fan following on Instagram.


Model: Sara Michaels | @saranicolemichaels

Photographer: Shanka | @shotbyshankha

Makeup artist: Yvet Armeni | @yvetarmeni 

Stylist: Ylevol Tam Nguyen | @ylevoltam_nguyen

Agency: Mannfolk PR | @mannfolkpr

Designer: Hottie + Lord | @hottieandlord

Im Sara! My IG is @SaraNicoleMichaels. I am a fitness addict. Come train with me! 🙂

Interview with Sara Michaels

Describe a typical day in your life using film titles. ​​

Wake up, Acai bowl, avocado toast because I’m obsessed. Gym, sauna, shower. Then, spend the rest of the day outside, or at the beach because I am a total beach girl at heart.

What do you most enjoy about fitness? ​​

The way I feel after working out, seeing noticeable progress in not only my body but my overall health and mood.

Can you tell me three essential exercises you usually do, and why? ​​

Squats, Stair master and leg raises. Perfect for staying slim, with a strong booty and toned abs.

What are some of your medium/short term goals? (Within the next year or so)​

Living on the beach in LA, working with tons of different fitness swimwear brands, starting my own health business.

What are your long range goals in fitness? (A long range goal is as far into the future as you want to plan).​​

Owning my own fitness facility that offers tons of services that help people live happier and healthier!

Sara Michaels in white shirt and black leggings for VOLOGLAM magazine
Sara Michaels in white shirt and black leggings for VOLOGLAM magazine
Sara Michaels in white shirt and black leggings for VOLOGLAM magazine

Interview with Sara Michaels (continued)

How important is fitness in your life right now? (Rate between 1 and 10 where 10= Extremely High; 1 = No importance)​​

10… duh health is wealth 🙂

Where do you feel confident in your body?

​​Everywhere. I am far from perfect but I’ve learned to accept myself just the way I am.

What do you see as your greatest strength? Weakness?​​

I’m very motivated, but sometimes I can be pretty indecisive.

What turns you on the most in a guy?​​

Sense of humor is KEY! I love to be silly and laugh, life is too short to be boring! I love when a guy is not afraid to get weird and goofy around me. If you are dry and serious all the time.. I will pass.

If you’ll see any part of a man’s body, what part would be most exciting? ​​


5 Fun Facts about Sara Michaels


Cute Booty Lounge


I will keep it up to your imagination.




Balls.. wait is that even a curse word? lol

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