Jewel-Encrusted Rare Le Secret Champagne Launched At £115,000 A Pop

This champagne is rare indeed!

Rare Le Secret Rare Champange Jewel-Encrusted

Exclusive. Distinguished. Majestic.

But what’s rarer than rare? Take a prestige Champagne cuvée produced only 8 times in history. Bottle it in magnum. Stash it away for 20 years. And adorn 10 bottles with fine jewels from the world’s oldest jeweler. 

This is Champagne Rare ‘Le Secret’ Fine Jewelry Edition, unveiled this month in Manhattan. 

These 10 bottles, adorned with either a diamond, emerald, sapphire, or ruby, will be the only ones ever produced. And if you willing to shell out $100,000 to $150,000 per bottle, then you might be able to get a taste of ‘Le Secret.’

While the liquid inside is excellent, the bottle is truly where the luxury lies. 

The luxury of the Rare ‘Le Secret’ Fine Jewelry Edition reaches a pinnacle with the bottles designed by Mellerio creative director Laure-Isabelle Mellerio. 

Interwoven white and yellow gold ribbons set with 510 diamonds flow from the one-carat jewel, each of which was selected to signify an aspect of the Champagne itself. 

The single bottle adorned with a diamond represents the purity of Champagne Rare; 

  • the three ruby bottles embody the wine’s bold flavor; 
  • the three sapphire bottles relate to its complexity, 
  • and the three emerald ones its minerality. 

Each closure cap is designed from 24-karat gold.

Régis Camus, the cellar master of the champagne house, said the bottles were so expensive because they originate from a “secret” batch of exceptional 1997 vintage chardonnay and pinot noir champagne. 

The “Marie-Antoinette inspired” gems and gold bottle produced by the French jeweler Mellerio dits Meller help lift the price.


The winemaker said: “[Régis Camus] saw something unique in the wines of [1997] and rather than declaring a vintage, he chose to blend a small quantity of this cuvée behind closed doors, secretly aging it only in magnums in his private cellar. Now, 20 years later, the results are truly extraordinary.”

Camus said the wine “turned out to be a masterful stroke of intricate finesse”. He said it has “a rare depth and complexity, with a lively citrus attack and a serene minerality”. The champagne house said the wine has such “sophisticated finesse” that they decided to approach Mellerio to create special bottles.

“Marie Antoinette is a natural link between our Maisons,” Laure-Isabelle Mellerio, the creative director of the 400-year-old jewelers and a direct descendant of its founding family, said. “The refined world of rare champagne instantly guided my hand.”

Just 10 bottles of the zero dosage Champagne have gone on sale worldwide, including a diamond and sapphire edition in the US and a diamond version in France.

The Champagne is said to offer notes of “sandalwood, quince and yellow fruit”. The diamond is supposed to represent the “purity” of the Champagne, while the rubies embody the wine’s “bold flavor”, the sapphires are inspired by its “complexity” and the emeralds reference its “minerality”.(If you worried on the tasting notes, don’t worried I have them sorted right here.)

Once drunk, the buyer of the bottle will be taken to Maison Mellerio in Paris, where “jewelers will transform the bottle’s beautiful adornment into a brooch, bracelet or pendant, depending on the owner’s wishes”. 

That’s some exceptional service they giving don’t you think?

This whole article seems like it's for the elite ones only. Don’t be disheartened people there are some reasonable champagne too.

For those with slightly less expensive tastes, 50 unadorned bottles are available for £1,150

Image & Video: Courtesy Of Rare Champagne.

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