Pole-dancing: From Strip-Club Sleaze To Olympic sport!

It's WAY sexier than curling, isn’t it?


Imagine this: It’s summer 2019 (already so hot out there, just the pun intended…. hahaha). The Summer Olympics are here. You’re scrolling through your television guide, looking for an event to watch. Canoeing? No thanks. Fencing? Not in the mood. What else…. ah, pole dancing. Yeeeaaaah, pole dancing ??.

Yeah, that kind of pole dancing — which guys love to watch, and girls love to try to learn at bachelorette party classes — may be looking at Olympic status in the future.




Well, guess again. The good news is for all the “pole enthusiasts” and even for those who dislike it (doesn’t really matter now, just speaking plainly you see, after all I am just a writer). It has been given "observer status" by the Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) - meaning it is provisionally recognised as a sport.


Pole-dancing is not like everyone thinks it is,” Coates said. “You need to actually watch it to understand.” (Hmmm, we all know what she is talking about 😉)

You lost me.

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But let me remind you about the fact that pole-dancing takes a shit ton of coordination, strength, and skill to spin around a pole with a single arm and hang upside down (It’s rather like gymnastics…except the bar is vertical rather than horizontal) and still manage to look insanely HOT.


Pole-Dancing has its unexpected health benefits too!

With a fraught history of seedy clubs and leering men—a reputation that often chases would-be dancers away, pole-dancing has its unexpected health benefits too (which many aren’t aware of🙄). It builds your self-confidence and eventually you’ll be less stressed out. Remember to believe in your own skills and abilities – you’ve got this!


Want to look more bendable and limber?

Then pole dancing is the one for you to get rid of your clumsiness once and for all. (You may not be a Pussycat Doll, but you'll definitely feel like one once you start getting the tricks up your sleeves)


Want to get naughty and burn calories quickly at the same time? (You know what I mean😉)

Pole dancing helps to spice up your sex life. Checking yourself out in those “polers” black vinyl mini-skirt with lace trim makes you feel luscious. Image you are in pole-mergency, just don’t pull your pants down (the vibe killer) instead put your face down, ass up! Get all bendy with feet in, hips out while you Caress that shit! Turns on both you and your partner. (It’s already making me horny😳)


These are just a few advantages to begin with. But I believe we shouldn’t confuse their seductive techniques with that which we present to the world as “sport”. Its inclusion as an Olympic sport would be nothing short of excellent news for women. Bring it on!


Whether pole dancing makes it to the Olympics as a bona-fide sport or not, girls love it and men love it even more... So we are all FOR it to be included in all sorts of places 😉 Starting with your GLAM bedrooms 🙂

Eva Glamista

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