These normal people think they look ‘just like’ some celebrities themselves!

Hmmm, but we’re… skeptical!

Look Like Celebrity Vologlam.Com

Let’s be honest: Getting told you look like a celebrity is kinda the best thing ever.

Like, Oh shit! I kinda maybe look like someone who gets paid to look pretty! It’s the perfect compliment. But it’s also kinda the worst because when it’s true, you can’t just be like “Oh yeah, I totally do” and look like an egotistical maniac. And when it’s not true, it’s either a.) offensive or b.) the slippery slope into delusions of grandeur.

Apparently, it’s a big thing to tweet people telling you that you look like a celeb, opening you to the scrutiny of your Twitter followers and of course, me.

All these normal-ass folks tweeted about looking like a celeb. And while they’re all perfect in their normal-ass human way, some of them are… not so believable. 

Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think.

 Does Macie look like Zooey Deschanel, Hailee Steinfeld, Kurt Cobain, or Post Malone?


Idk, I see Hailee Steinfeld the most. Honestly, fuck the bitches who tell her she looks like Post Malone. That’s a dirty, dirty insult.

 Jenae gets told she looks like Blake Lively

Ok, ok, this is a hard sell. But look at the eyes. I can kinda understand this. Also, btw, adding “I don’t see it!” isn’t fooling anyone, you humble-bragger.

 And Tammy gets told she looks like Dua Lipa

Hmmmmm… Like, maybe? Maybe in 10 years. 

Breahna is told she looks like Zendaya and her sister doesn’t get it.

Me: A lot of people tell me I kinda look like Zendaya

My sister: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Zendaya sweetie I am so sorry

— daddy binks (@hawaiiangarbage) January 15, 2018

Honestly, she’s gorgeous. But I don’t fucking see it. That’s ok. Not all of us can be Zendaya.


 Does Julia look like Paris Hilton?

I high-key believe this one. If people told me I looked like an heiress, I would tweet about it too.

 Shana is told she looks like Daphne.

I have had 4 people in the last week tell me that I look like Daphne from Scooby Doo. I’m going to accept it because we all know that Daphne is the hot one.

— Shana M. Struble (@sstruble34) January 19, 2018

Which I would kinda get if Daphne wasn't a cartoon. Like, what generation Daphne are we talking about? The OG 60s Daphne? The new bastardization of Daphne? The Daphne from Cyber Chase-era Scooby Doo?

 Eduardo says people tell him he looks like Ariana Grande.

ICONIC. I kinda see it, maybe with the right lighting and a ponytail wig.

 Kim is told she looks like Issa Rae.

A compliment all-around, even if it's not true.

 Does Liv look like Mila Kunis?

Maybeeeee. Probably not. She's hot of though.

 Emma's friends think she looks like Taylor Swift

Pretty blonde? Yes. Taylor Swift?? Ehh.

Does Bella look like Demi?

Likeeeee maybeeeee? The whole wonder woman thing throws me off.

 Morgan gets told she looks like Rihanna

Hmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm. Hmm.

 And people tell Bree she looks like Anne Hathaway

I would put my hand down a garbage disposal to look like Anne Hathaway, so even if it's not true, I understand Bree tweeting about this experience.

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