Who is Ordering Penis Jewerly By Yves Saint Laurent?

The last thing we need is dicks on our ears.

Yves Saint Laurent Penis Earrings

No matter how weird the fashion world can get or for that matter any form of art. But one thing is sure, it can’t get any weirder than this. That’s the new line of jewelry by the famous Yves Saint Laurent which was definitely inspired by the male molecule.

People who love quirky jewelry, Yves Saint Laurent’s latest NSFW collection is for you. 

The luxury brand has taken things up a notch from H&M x Moschino’s condom earrings and dropped a line comprising a controversial pair of penis-themed earrings and a pendant necklace featuring this male member. 

One thing I do love is how YSL haven’t even tried to come up with a creative name for the products, they are literally called ‘penis pendant‘ and ‘penis dangle earrings‘.

The ‘Penis Dangle Earrings’, priced at £215 (US$280), is made of golden brass and comes engraved with the words, “Saint Laurent Paris.” 
The ‘Penis Pendant’ has an adjustable chain attached to a sizeable penis pendant charm and will set you back by £520 (US$677). 

I’m also, sorry to disappoint you but they are only available to buy in the store.

That’s right if you want to own some penis earrings you can’t hide behind your postman. You will have to walk into the store and ask for them.

To be honest I have a lot of respect for anyone who can walk into a designer shop and ask for a ‘penis pendant’ with a straight face.

And major doubt still lies in this question. Are you ready to fork out £520 for the saucy designer bling?

Maybe this heart-breaking poem can give you the answer you are looking for. Because women already don’t listen. The last thing they need is dicks in their ears.

“Ooh! Hickory Dickory Dock

My wife just bought some cocks

Up went my bills

Creating many ills

So, I beat with some coins in a sock

Eh, oh!” 

By Phila Ferret

 As expected, this phallus-shaped inspired jewelry has caused “orgies” in social media, as reported by The Sun and New York Post.

“Where can I find the earrings and the necklace with the phallus? I want them”…


Tweet: Courtesy of @s_hrines/Twitter

While others were slightly confused about the whole concept.

One Twitter user wrote: "[I don't know] what's worse, the person wearing brass penis earrings or the fact that they are charging you 345 dollars for the luxury of wearing penis earrings...."

Others were confused by the news because they assumed it was jewelry for a guy to hang off his manhood.

One wrote: "Once again, I read the header wrong. I thought it was "jewelry FOR the penis," (sic) and I couldn't figure out how that would work."

In 2013 Kesha also released a collection of penis-shaped accessories including earrings, charms, bracelets and a necklace as part her Grow A Pear jewelry line by Charles Albert.

A year later Tom Ford caused a lot of controversies when he released a penis pendant necklace which appeared to be in the shape of a cross.

If you quite like the idea of wearing a penis around your neck, you don't have to pay YSL prices are there are plenty of affordable and phallic options out there. 

Image: Courtesy of YSL

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