Lexi Storm ‘Au Naturel’ – Shot by Oliver Lum

Lexi Storm

Model: Lexi Storm | @imlexistorm

Photographer: Oliver Lum | @olphotographic

Lexi Storm was born in Natick, MA and raised in Maryland. She grew up dancing since she was 3-training in mainly jazz and modern. Modeling was something that Lexi Storm was also curious about throughout her schooling but never really knew if she could do it-that insecurity was setting me back.

Lexi Storm

When I was in highschool our dance company got to perform in different theme parks like Disney World which was amazing. After I graduated highschool, I started college and was set on going into the medical field to be a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgery nurse. I even went to a school where I obtained my skin therapy estheticians license just so I could start practicing skin therapy! Though I was good in those classes, I later changed my major to film with a minor in dance. Then I finally decided to go for it last October, attended an event in June and I’ve been doing it ever since! Plans for the future I’d love to have a skin care line one day but my main goal is to keep modeling for as long as possible and continue to love what I do. :)”

What got you into modeling?

Modeling had always interested me so I googled glamour model meet ups in my area and stumbled upon a event. I decided to go, got to meet some great people and it just went from there 🙂

When and where was your first shoot?

October 2015 was my first real experience. It was your classic lingerie style and we shot in a mansion.

What are your hobbies?

I love to cycle-mountain bike, spin cycle-those Soul Cycle studios are sick! I also enjoy dancing,which I use to do competitively, hanging out with good company doing something low key like a bonfire, and traveling.

Do you eat a certain diet? If so please explain.

I’m pescatarian so I eat seafood but no other meat. I also don’t consume dairy or eggs and avoid soda.

lexi_storm_4 lexi_storm_5

Do you have any beauty secrets to share with us?

Skincare is key! A good exfoliating treatment and moisturizer suited for your skin type are the best things to keep me smooth. I actually have an esthetician license and use to work as a skin therapist in spas.

_mg_8578 _mg_8598

What do you typically wear to bed?

Just a pair of comfy underwear

Tell us about your plans for the future as a model.

My plan for the future is just to see where it goes! Of course I would love to snag the cover of magazines I admire but right now I’m just enjoying meeting new people and shooting as much as I can 🙂

_mg_8643_1 _mg_8645_1 _mg_8651_1

Photographer’s Note:

One of my favorite memories was going island hopping with my high school friends across the Greek islands in the Mediterranean. I recall one of the isles was peppered with houses painted white and blue such that the entire island seemed a romantic bastion of national pride. I first came across Lexi through a mutual friend, and learned of her amazing, multicultural heritage (Greek, Native American, German) and was immediately reminded of that island. Hence, the white and blue styling, and the color grade.

The second look was shot at a lake nearby a local university, (my alma mater), and so I decided to go with the school / state colors of red and black. These little alcoves off-the-beaten-path were always a stomping ground of mine during my time there, and wanted to pay homage to the space.

Working with Lexi Storm is always an absolute treasure of an experience. Her extroverted, fun-loving personality is both intimately personal, and capable of putting an entire room at ease. As a fellow newcomer to the industry, it was easy to establish a good working rapport, and help each other through the creative process, (though I assure you, all shortcomings are my own). Should you get the opportunity to speak with her, I’m confident you’ll agree.

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