Breaking News: Kentucky Bourdon Distillery Collapse Ruins 9,000 Barrels Of Whiskey

Sweet Jesus on a cracker!!

Distillery collapse

Goddamn it. This can’t get any worse……Just when the looming news of Irish whiskey shortage got out earlier this month, another horrifying news crumbled upon the WHISKEY LOVERS.

This unimaginable tragedy occurred on Friday at the Barton 1792 Distillery – home of the whiskey brand 1792 Bourbon — when half of its storage warehouse (precisely 9,000 stacked bourbon barrels) suddenly collapsed.


Almost when I though I needed a Hair of the Dog, I felt like Gordon Bennett listening to this tragedy.

Seems like the distillery, which holds up to 20,000 barrels, was having a wall repaired. The collapse brought down half of the structure. The epic crumble brought down about half of the booze-filled structure.


Luckily, there was no one inside (except to the human spirit) when the roof caved in, and no injuries were reported by Bardstown Police Chief Billy Mattingly. But the real tragedy is that each barrel holds a whopping 53 gallons of bourbon and weighs 550 pounds. That’s a LOT of wasted whiskey here.


The only good news here


However, all is not lost. The collapse took place during the “summer shutdown,” a period when distilleries cease operations for a few weeks for maintenance. So, good timing on Warehouse No. 30’s part. According to Barton 1972 spokeswoman Amy Preske, the collapse will not affect production, nor tours at the distillery.


But the twist in the tale was like rubbing salt into the wound!!

Seems like the Kentucky neighbours had a taste of this whiskey. According to the Times,

The Environmental Protection Agency was called in to make sure the booze didn’t seep into the local groundwater. So far, the groundwater seems safe, but according to Louisville paper, the Courier-Journal, some damage was wreaked on the local waters: As of Saturday, about 800 dead fish were found in nearby Withrow Creek.

Sazerac, the parent company of Barton 1792, is facing fines from the state of Kentucky of up to $25,000 a day after it failed to notify officials about the spill.

Get ready guys to let lose The Benjamin Franklin out of your heavy pockets!!



But hey people, why not call this the Angel's Share—booze released to the heavens, ascending to serve a higher purpose.

So, let’s pour ourselves a beautiful bourbon shot for this suffering. (After all we all deserve it, don’t you think?) Because after this weekend, any angels keeping watch over the whiskey lovers must be partying up there like never before.

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