Isabela Rodriguez by Gifted Mindset & Bobby Kenney | GlamGirl @isafasanaro

Isabela Rodriguez (@isafasanaro) is a 20 years old Venezuelan. Her biggest passion is being a model. When she moved to the United Stated, it gave her an opportunity to become a professional model. She is a fitness model, therefore, she loves to keep her body in shape.

Fitness model Isabella Rodriguez in VOLOGLAM Magazine

Model:Isabela Rodriguez | @isafasanaro

1st Photographer: Gifted Mindset / @gifted_mindset

2nd Photographer : Bobby Kenney/@damnit_bobby

Makeup Artist: Shayla / @samirasjewelry

Bikini: @belovebikini and @weekendswim

Instagram model Isabella Rodriguez @isafasanaro in VOLOGLAM Magazine
Instagram model Isabella Rodriguez @isafasanaro in VOLOGLAM Magazine
Instagram model Isabela on VoloGlam


“Hi, VOLOGlam fans, My name is Isabela Rodriguez, I’m 20 years old, I’m from Venezuela and I am still learning English. My biggest passion is being a model, step by step I’m reaching my goal. I became professional model when I moved to the United Stated of America. I love to keep my body in shape and also I’m a fitness model”.

Instagram model Isabella Rodriguez @isafasanaro in VOLOGLAM Magazine
IInstagram model Isabella Rodriguez @isafasanaro in VOLOGLAM Magazine

Instagram model Isabella Rodriguez @isafasanaro in VOLOGLAM Magazine
Instagram model Isabella Rodriguez @isafasanaro in VOLOGLAM Magazine
Instagram model Isabella Rodriguez @isafasanaro in VOLOGLAM Magazine

Interview with Isabela Rodriguez

Your figure is a killer! What are some your signature fitness moves/rules?

Well I love going to the gym everyday, spend 2 hours and kill my body during the workouts and also I eat healthy, I enjoy this lifestyle!

What are some pre-shoot rituals you have to help make a shoot go as smooth as possible?

Before my shoots I always eat a cup of fruits and listen to Latin music. The night before the shoot I drink lots of water and also keep all my outfits organized with the accessories! 

What made you want to be a VOLOGlam Girl? 

It’s a big opportunity to be a part of VOLOGlam models, it’s a famous magazine and it’s one of my favorites. I was a fan of VOLO Magazine and but now I’m part of it, “dreams come true”! 

You are certainly going to be covered by many when your VOLOGlam sets launch! Tell us, are you as nice in bed as you are in life or do you have a naughty side?

Every people has a naughty side and for me is not the exception!


One really dirty little secret?


What do you think is your best asset?

My Body 

Do you ever deal with  ‘Mean Girls’? Share some ideas…

Yes, in this world you have to deal with different type of people and my advice is just keep looking to the future!

Do you have a signature scent?

Sweet scent.

What do you think men look sexy in?

Strong personality!

What traits would your ideal partner have?

Giving attention and time to me, share and support my goals!

What is a good romantic weekend for you?

When you and your partner go on a trip and stay away from the other people, preferably by the beach

Instagram model Isabella Rodriguez @isafasanaro in VOLOGLAM Magazine


5 Fun Facts about Isabela Rodriguez






I don’t like toys, I like action





Follow her on instagram @isafasanaro


Instagram model Isabella Rodriguez @isafasanaro in VOLOGLAM Magazine
Instagram model Isabella Rodriguez @isafasanaro in VOLOGLAM Magazine

Gifted Mindset

Hello, I am a portrait photographer who likes to model from time to time as well. I am from California based in North Carolina. I fell in love with photography while on a road trip with my family a few years ago. We visited some beautiful places and I was able to capture it all with just some clicks here and some clicks there on an iPhone 4s. Ever since then, I have upgraded my equipment and have honed my skill. I enjoy every aspect that involves portraits. My joy is simply in seeing what others don’t in any given situation. I’m also a very fun and goofy guy so not only will you get some amazing photographs we will also have fun working together.
Follow my work on instagram @gifted_mindset


Bobby Kenney

Hi, My name is bobby Kenney. I’m a 23 year old photographer from Cincinnati Ohio. I have a strong love and passion for art, weather it be photography, music, painting/drawing, anything. Anything that can portray a concept or feeling that people express themselves through. I had a rough life growing up and started to lose hope, and this camera falling in my hands is the biggest blessing I could ever ask for. On Christmas of 2016 my mother gave me her old Nikon d5000 as a random gift because I mentioned thinking it was awesome how my little brother does photography (he’s currently at Ohio University for photo journalism). I went with him to an abandoned factory near home and took pictures of the place with him and instantly fell in love, it was a feeling of creation like I have never felt before.


Follow my work on instagram @damnit_bobby



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