Bad News, Whiskey Lovers: World Is Facing A Shortage Of Irish Whiskey

It’s time people to stock up.

Irish Whiskey Shortage on

Long Story Short

Nobody panic! *starts panicking*
An Irish Whiskey Shortage Is On The Way So Excuse Me While I Stock Up My Apocalypse Bunker.



Long Story................

Love sipping on a delicious glass of whiskey (Irish spelling)? You're not alone. Whisk(e)y is sky-rocketing in popularity and it's bad news if you like your booze cheap and, well, available. And it seems like things are only getting worse as we head into the future.


Last month, the whiskey world went into mourning when Japan’s Hibiki distillery announced they would no longer be selling their 12-year variation due to skyrocketing demand for the country’s whiskey. However, one expert says fans of whiskey sourced from another region might want to start preparing for a similar crisis.


John Teeling, who has made a fortune in the whiskey business, recently spoke to The Irish Times and

Soon there will be a shortage of Irish whiskey. What we are making now, you won’t sell for seven years. So, we will have a shortage if the rate of growth continues at a cumulative rate over the next six or seven years.”

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Teeling notes that plenty of new distilleries are popping up to meet the ever-increasing demand, but the nature of the spirit means that fans of the country’s whiskey might want to start stocking up before prices start to creep up and your favorite bottles become harder to come by. (Just make sure to take advantage of Jameson shot specials while they still exist…… advice 😉)


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I'd say let's steel ourselves for this hardship with some tequila shots but looks like we're out of luck in that department, too. Shall we eat our sorrows instead? Will be eating, buying whiskey, rinsing, and repeating for the next few weeks if anyone needs me.

Cheers to the long weekend! #irishwhiskey #instawhisky

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In the meantime, you should probably stop drinking whisk(e)y until the shortage blows over. Psych! See you in like at the liquor store. 😉😉

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