Hi! I Am Ibuki, The 10-Year Old Robot Child Of Ishiguro

Breathing life in Android is quite amazing……..

Ibuki Robot Child on Vologlam.com

Intelligent robots are the future of our civilization. The machines not only help us in everyday activities but also see our friends in them.

Don’t panic, but Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro has a new very (but not completely) lifelike android robot child, which is supposed to be around 10 years old. Its name is Ibuki. 

That’s so cool…


One of the world's pioneers in the work on robotic technologies and artificial intelligence is well-known engineer Hiroshi Ishiguro. A resident of the Land of the Rising Sun became famous in the world for the construction of a humanoid robot, which in its appearance resembled its creator.

It was then the most advanced machine of its kind on Earth. It evoked mixed feelings. Some were delighted with her, and others could not look at her normally, because they were immediately vomited. The robot has been refined over the years and every day helps the scientist in conducting lectures at the university.

Japan Times

A few days ago, Ishiguro presented a new android. It is Ibuki, a robot looking like a child. The machine is 120 centimeters tall, weighs 37 kilograms and can run on four wheels.

"Ibuki" was developed with the aim of realizing an android that builds a more intimate relationship by acting with people and conducting dialogue. Professor Ishiguro “wants a humanoid future” when humans and androids live together.

“The more human we make robots, the more we will accept them in our daily lives,” he said.


According to ERATO ISHIGURO Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction Project:

Ibuki" is a child-like android equipped with a moving unit. By acting with the human, having a conversation together and consequently sharing their experience, this robot is expected to become a conversational robot which is able to construct a deeper relationship with the human. With regards to the feasibility and the safety aspects, a set of wheels is adopted as its moving unit. The unit includes a pair of eccentricity wheels for horizontal body motion and a ball screw driven actuator for vertical body motion. This replicates the movement of a human's center of gravity position on the android robot and expresses a human-like movement even with the wheels. Also, having 47 degrees of freedom enables it to have various emotional expressions such as gestures and hand signs, in addition to different facial expressions.

It has 15 degrees of freedom to create facial expression on the head, 3 degrees of freedom in the neck / waist, 6 × 2 in the arm, 5 × 2 in the hand, 4 in the lower body, totaling 47 degrees of freedom. Each finger of the hand can drive a joint by winding the wire with a motor and move each finger alone, so it is possible to have a peace sign and objects.


But there’s more to the story. Apparently, the engineers are planning to add more features to natural communication, including recognition, dialogue, expression of emotions and two legs once Ibuki can start walking with people and share experiences.


Seems like Ibuki is already a star among people since it has started receiving considerable attention from its fans across the globe!!

The new robot, called Ibuki has given us all permission to panic over it.

While some would say it’s a technical achievement, others would say it’s downright spooky. The choice is totally our people!!

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