Gwen Singer in ‘Night Out in Tokyo’ by Benjamin Hung | GlamGirl @moregwen

Gwen Singer (@moregwen) is searingly hot. She looks at you and you feel something chemically happening to every male cell of your body. She is also bitten by the travel bug and travels around the globe shooting cool images...


Model: Gwen Singer | @moregwen

Photographer: Benjamin Hung| @benjamin_hung

Gwen Singer in Tokyo

This shoot was an amazing experience! I was the only model, and prepared my hair and makeup myself. I met up with Ben at the Shinjuku train station in Tokyo, and we set off on foot to 3 locations he head chosen for our set. We shot at 2 street level locations in the very heart of Shinjuku, the part of Tokyo most famous for its bright neon lights and nightlife. We then headed to our final location—an available rooftop at least 15 stories high! It was up there that we were able to have the most fun on set, away from crowds and with a bluetooth speaker playing music to inspire our shots. If you look at the photo of me bent over in neon yellow (from below) you’ll see my phone and a speaker in hand. This was our first shot taken, meant only to be a test!

Sexy Gwen Singer in Downtown Tokyo
Sexy Gwen Singer in Downtown Tokyo

VOLOGLAM interview with Gwen Singer

Are you excited to be a featured GLAM Girl?

“I am SO excited to be a featured GLAM Girl! I’ve been a fan of the publication for several years—actually since before I even started modeling! So it’s pretty exciting to be a part of the publication that I appreciate so much, and I hope to be involved with Volo more in the future. ”

How long have you been modeling? What are some of your biggest accomplishments thus far?

“Not long! I’ve really only been modeling for a year now, so I’m pretty new to the industry but I’m loving it. I love being a part of the process, working with talented photographers, creating art. My biggest accomplishment so far has been gaining the confidence to model anywhere—I used to be so shy when I had an audience in public spaces etc, but I’ve overcome that. For me, that was big.”

Tell us about your recent travels.

“I am currently living in Japan after spending a year in San Francisco. Last year November was a busy travel month for me! I spent several weeks in Japan between Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo, followed by Cabo with friends and several nights in Vegas with family. It was all a bit of a whirlwind, but I very much enjoyed it. This was actually my 2nd trip to Japan for the year, and I fell in love with it all over again. I can’t wait to go back already! But the food is too good, which makes it a challenging modeling destination! Cabo was incredible, it was beautiful and such a wonderful time for me and a few of my closest girl friends. Vegas was also lovely, I spent Thanksgiving there with family and friends and it was the perfect pit stop before returning home. “

Tell us about some pet peeves during shoots?

“Maybe it’s because I’m still new to this—but I can’t think of any! I will say that I like direction and feedback when I’m shooting, but it’s not essential. I want to make sure I’m able to give myself my own direction, and not rely on the photographer.”


Sexy Model Gwen Singer in Downtown Tokyo
Sexy Model Gwen Singer in Downtown Tokyo

VOLOGLAM Interview with Gwen Singer Cont’d.


What do you look for when looking for a potential lover?

“Open-mindedness, adventurousness, and spontaneity…It’s very important that a potential lover of mine is open to experimenting and trying new things even in random or unexpected places. I love the bond you build from pushing your limits/boundaries with a lover. “

What is something you love to do in bed?

“I’m a cowgirl! I love to be on top in bed. I also love giving/receiving oral, so 69 is another favorite of mine…But you can pretty much name it and I’m into it :-)”

What do you wear to sleep at night?

“I’m not really a lingerie-to-bed kind of girl. I usually sleep in the nude, but occasionally I’ll wear some over the knee wool socks if it’s a cold San Francisco night.”

Tell us about some pet peeves you have when shooting

“Sometimes when I work with some other photographer I don’t feel a chemistry or connection which I find really annoying. I think having a connection is important when you want to create a beautiful image . Another pet peeve when shooting would be when the time of the month comes ! ?”

Tell us your ultimate dream date- and who would be with you 😉

“Hmm that’s tough. There are all kinds of incredible dates I could think up—helicopter rides and three star Michelin meals etc, but my dream date would be doing anything simple and romantic with my dream guy. He’d be easy-going, kind, smart and ambitious yet fun-loving! And most of all, he would love to make me laugh! That’s definitely the way to my heart. And again, he’d be open-minded and adventurous and would love being spontaneous. “

Celebrity crush?

” Oh man, that’s difficult. I usually crush a lot harder on people I meet, since I’m very attracted to energy/vibe/swag more than anything. But of course I still have my crushes! I think I’ll always love Brad Pitt (like the rest of the world) but for me it gets a bit more specific: I like Brad Pitt circa Fight Club in ’99. I crush on him so hard in that movie! Sometimes I wonder if it’s his character Tyler Durdan I love so much. Another crush is Ryan Gosling (circa the Notebook, duh) and Channing Tatum mostly because he just seems like a blast. Female crushes are Penelope Cruz, Eva Mendes and Sofia Vergara because I adore latin women! The list goes on!”

What do you feel most sexy in?

” Hmmm. I think I feel sexiest when my Agent Provocateur is falling to my bedroom floor…”


Sexy Model Gwen Singer in Downtown Tokyo
Sexy Model Gwen Singer in Downtown Tokyo
Sexy Model Gwen Singer in Downtown Tokyo

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Sexy Model Gwen Singer in Downtown Tokyo
Sexy Model Gwen Singer in Downtown Tokyo

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