GLAM Girl Feature with Fitness Model – Patrizia Yanguela

Patrizia Yanguela

Patrizia Yanguela was born in Switzerland and lived several years in between the US and Dominican Republic. Currently she is living back in Switzerland and enjoying all her ventures a fitness/lingerie model!

Model: Patrizia Yanguela | @patriziayanguela

Photographer: Adrian Portmann Fotograf | @adrianportmannfotografie

patrizia_1“I am fluent in 4 languages and love to travel. In school I studied to be a marketing specialist for 4 years… spent a few years working for different firms in this position and now enjoying my fitness – lingerie job to its fullest!”

patrizia_2How do you stay in such a great shape? What are your secret moves?

I workout every day. 6 days a week. I am currently training with my personal trainer who gives me insights
of which exercises to do and when. I try during the week to eat as healthy as possible and drinks tons of
water. I dont drink as much alcohol as I used to a time back. It just doesn’t go hand in hand with the fitness

What type of meals do you eat in a day?

When i wake up the first thing I drink water with lime. This gets my organism going and active. Then before hitting the gym ill prepare myself a protein shake with chia seeds and muesli and some coconut fat. This really gives me energy to do weight training. Ill also have postworkout meal some eggs and egg whites. At noon ill prepare myself a portion of chicken, rice and some veggies. Mostly, only green vegtables.Sometimes I like to add a healthy fat on the side, like a small bit of avocado.

In the afternoon ill take a protein shake just to keep my hunger in store, and at 7 -8 pm ill prepare my dinner which can consist of chicken with vegetables or even tuna. Before I go to bed Ill have another protein shake.
Its sometimes hard to keep up with all these requierments since I also try to mantain a social life So I really try my best to give it all I can. A cheat meal here and there are permitted rarely but i do also enjoy my favorite foods from time to time.


patrizia_8What made you become so passionate about fitness?

When i started seeing the changes in me in my physic, I knew this was a longterm relationship. I think the more passion you have for a certain topic your skin thickens and the comprehension and understanding are beyond they once were. I fell in love with the whole fitness, healthy lifestyle. I love to feel good about myself and I love to see myself more confident in my reflections… yes i was very insecure about myself a while back. I suffered a bit of weight gain and always was very skeptical of my looks. Now i couldn’t live without my gym life!

What was your first photo shoot like?

I had done some shoots in the past but my first real one was actually very awkward. I knew what I had to do but at the same time I didn’t. I think after the first few snaps I stopped thinking and started to concentrate and then it seemed like a riding a bike. But I do have to say, at the end of the shoot i was pretty beat… it is a lot of hard work!

patrizia_12Did you ever expect to reach 1 million followers?

Never in a lifetime! This is actually a funny story because we reached the 1 Million break the day of my birthday! So it was a double celebration!

Any advice for aspiring fitness models.

Just do it! LOL I never thought ill be a fitness chick myself. Be the best you can be and don’t listen what others have to say…there are always people wanting to bring you down!

patrizia_11 patrizia_13

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