GLAM Girl Melissa Lori in “Chains” – by Pedro Rolle

Melissa Lori

Model: Melissa Lori | @MelissaLori

Photographer: Pedro Rolle | @PedroRolleJr

My name is Melissa Lori and I am a full time, internationally published model. I was Cyber Girl of the Month for February for Playboy Plus and can be seen in hundreds of print and online magazines. I also sing and gogo dance professionally. My goal is to make women around the world feel good about themselves and their bodies. Some say I am a rebel because I am not afraid to stand out and do something different. My modeling not only inspires other women it inspires me every day to do better, be better, love myself. I always struggled with confidence issues growing up and when I step in front of that camera, I own the world. Can’t wait to show you guys more! Keep supporting and following.

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What can you remember about your first photoshoot?

I was so nervous but tried to act calm like I had modeled a million times haha. I think it went really well I loved the photos.

Who gave you your first publication?

You know that’s a good question, I don’t remember my first publication sadly.

What do you do other than modeling?

I also sing and gogo dance professionally but when I’m not working I love relaxing, traveling, spending time with friends and family, shopping, exercising then eating LOL.

What sorts of adventures are waiting for you Summer 2017?

I have a lot of wedding festivities for my sister but I hope to go on some fun adventures as I love to travel.


Who has been your biggest support in your modeling career?

My mom and sister. They have always been there from my first photo shoot to my current. I tell them everything.

What do you have to say to internet bullies?

Get a life and stop trying to bring others down because you are unhappy within yourself. I have zero patience for bullies as I was bullied my entire life.

Do you have to deal with them often?

I still deal with them and some days I break down and cry and that’s okay, we are all human and words hurt. People that are truly miserable hide being social media to battle others they don’t even know. We need to build each other up that’s why humans were created.

What can we expect to see from you in the months to come?

I hope and pray to be Cyber Girl of the year for playboy, just lots more shoots, hopefully new features, maybe some new songs out! Love you all.

You are always going to festivals, which one has been the most fun?

I honestly haven’t been to half of the ones I wanna go too!!! I always have fun at all of them. Electric Zoo in New York was really fun. Just being in the city was awesome.

You say you love to workout, what kind of activities do you do?

I love switching it up from yoga to pilates, cardio, I do a lot of work out videos at home and exercises on the yoga mat and yoga ball.

Can you tell us about your passion for singing, like when it came about and who your vocal role models are?

I have always loved to sing since I was a little girl; I took chorus all throughout middle school and some of high school. I am always singing but have been shy with it over the years. I have a few tracks recorded but would love to do more. I grew up listening to dance music with my mom so it was always fun to sing along like Madonna, Janet Jackson, Shania Twain, Cher.

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