GLAM Girl -Kasi K

Kasi K

With over 10 years spread out amongst the film industry and modelling, KASI K gravitated to the spotlight and wanted to combine her creative taste for Hip Hop with her talent. Throughout the years accumulating a taste for music, Ms. K found that artists such as Lauryn Hill, Tupac, and Notorious BIG seem always relevant when it came to getting her creative juices flowing. 2012 was the first opportunity KASI K had to work in the industry as a professional singer along side her sister, as they were asked to replace lead singer (Dandi Wind) of the band FAN DEATH. The run with the band was short lived as she had more of an interest to pursue Hip Hop, as that is where her heart lied and interest was. Ms. K fully understands the fundamentals of writing music, as she studied creative writing at the University of British Columbia. It was easy for this artist to hit the scene running as she never needed to lean on others to write her ideas. With a sexy, shocking yet empowering look on life.

Model: Kasi K | @kasi.K

Photographer: Diego Nossa |


KASI K is in the works of her debut EP which will have a strong opinion and voice geared on sex, love, money, power and what the artist believes has been mistaken in current social conversations. Ms. K has worked with producers from New York, London, Argentina, Miami, Nigeria and across Canada.

She is less focused on making the audience think she is a “Bad Bitch” and more so a creative smile with an authentic attitude. Be on the lookout for this brilliant superstar as she is ready to deliver a sensational career and un¬conditional love for Hip Hop.


Tell us about this set and how it was to work with Diego.

Working with Diego is always a lot of fun. For this particular shoot I was staying in a model house with around 8 other girls in South Beach. We were encouraged to have photographers come in to shoot at the house, which was really more like a small mansion. We had this amazing pool in our backyard with the ocean directly behind our lawn. It was a scorching day and me and the girls had went out the night before but right on time Diego showed up ready to go. He was incredibly professional and easy to work with. I remember laying on the bricks lining
the pool with the sun blasted all over me thinking, oh my God I’m going to melt to death. I probably would have if it wasn’t for how seamless and quick Diego was at getting some amazing shots.

Where and when did your modeling career begin?

I’m a small town prairie girl from Canada. It’s not a normal thing to pursue a career in modeling or in any creative form. I won a contest when I was 14 and received numerous contract opportunities but I wanted to graduate high school first. I did some local modeling and work on different television shows and as soon as I was finished school I got a contract with an agency in New York and was on my way to Manhattan.


Have you had any bad experiences? If yes, Care to share your story?

I’ve managed to stay clear of some possible bad experiences which I’m thankful for. It’s very common for shady things to happen if you’re not smart about who you put yourself around and in what context. I suppose this is inevitable in an industry heavily dominated by young working girls who are usually away from their families. One thing that isn’t voiced to young girls enough is that it’s ok to say no if you’re not comfortable. I have some friends who love shooting nude and it’s hard to get them to put clothes on lol In our house in South Beach girls cooked naked all the time and if they’re happy all the power to them. It’s the girls who are not speaking up I’m worried about. My younger sister also modeled a bit and I remember one fashion week in Vancouver where she got into a bad situation with one of the main guys running the event. I remember being so upset and speaking up about it. There has to be a certain amount of professionalism in every industry but especially when dealing with young people.

Are you “vanilla” or “kinky” in the bedroom?

I guess it depends on the guy and how much sleep I’ve had. Kidding. I’m very passionate towards the one I love.

kasi4 kasi5

Single n ready to mingle or Happily taken?

Very happily taken. I recently got engaged to former Calvin Klein model and now award winning producer Massimo Messina from Sicily. All so romantic. Love of my life.

kasi6 kasi9

Do you think blind dates are a good idea? Ever been on one?

I’ve never been on one myself but I have heard some horror stories from my girl friends. I think we all have this image of the perfect date in our mind, an ideal situation, and in reality we all know life rarely goes to plan. In theory, a blind date could work if both people are open to it and the reality exceeds the dream. I guess it just depends what kind of head space you’re going in with .

Tell us about your sexiest shoot.

It’s hard to just name one! I’ve had a lot of really amazing shoots with many talented photographers, Diego of course as one. I recently shot a music video in Canada for one of my tracks Vitamin D. In one of my scenes I was naked under a white sheet laying on the beach at sunset with multiple drones flying around me while I was singing to them. It was in January so it was a bit chilly. The sand was cold and the sheet was really thin. It’s incredible how much wind those little drones create. It look super sexy though with the wind blowing a rippling white sheet around my naked body at sunset. The shots turned out sick even though I froze my ass off.

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