GLAM GIRL – Dana Hamm


Model: Dana Hamm | @DanaHammOfficial

Photographer: Scott Schisler


What do you wear to bed?

It depends on the time of year ;) Sometimes a good ole cotton tshirt is the best! Lately, I’ve been sleeping in the nude more and more. When it comes to bedding I’ve always been obsessed with thread count and very soft linens against my skin. It’s one of the greatest pleasures in life to rest and sleep in pure comfort. I also love to snuggle with my man! I can’t get to sleep without snuggling it just makes me feel safe and secure.

Dana Hamm Dana Hamm

Favorite midnight snack?

Not to be a party pooper, but I try not to eat late at night. However, during PMS week that’s a whole different story. I’ll eat any snack I can get my hands on, lol. My favorite midnight snack is this little combo of Mediterranean baked crackers topped with salami and pepper jack cheese. It is the best! Trust me on that, and
try it!! You’ll be addicted.

Dana Hamm Dana Hamm

Do you have a favorite band?

I’ve been asked this many times in many magazine interviews and it has always been impossible to answer. I love so many different artists and songs, but when you say “favorite band” I try to think of a band that has so many great songs. The bands that always come to mind for me is the Eagles and the Rolling Stones. They both have so many amazing hit songs!

Dana Hamm Dana Hamm

How long have you been modeling?

I have been modeling since I was 19. During college my career as a fitness model was first launched, and that’s how and where I got my start. I did well in fitness modeling and stuck with it for several years I was on the covers of just about every fitness magazine out there, and then after I had accomplished everything that I could in that genre I moved into mainstream modeling. It has been a great career for me, and I feel very fortunate and blessed.

Dana Hamm Dana Hamm

What has been the highlight of your modeling career thus far?

There have been so many highlights in my career. Every year I’m fortunate enough to have great opportunities come my way. I’ve had incredible highlights in just about every area of my career. Fashion wise…shooting for Guess Jeans was a dream come true! Being the face of Alexis Vogel Makeup alongside Pamela Anderson and other iconic celebrity beauties was also a proud moment.

I’m also the brand model for UNCS clothing European company

Dana Hamm

Acting wise landing the leading female role in a feature film was absolutely mindblowing! Getting to live in Italy for the summer while filming was an added bonus! You can see the trailer here:

[su_vimeo url=”″ width=”1000″ height=”600″]

My latest endeavor is being the cover model for a popular, newly released romance novel by author Shevaun DeLucia. I’m so excited for this new avenue of my modeling. And I have another romance novel cover coming
out entitled My Secret Possession by JM Witt.

Probably my biggest and best career highlight has been launching my own company, Iconic Beauty Images!! I run the business with my husband, photographer Scott Schisler. It is a photography company, but I feel we offer a very unique service as we travel the world hosting what I prefer to call photo shoot vacations! It’s a vacation and a
photo shoot wrapped into one incredible event. Currently, we are getting ready for our annual Caribbean photo shoot vacation happening Sept 8-18! I cannot wait!

Do you have a dream photographer or shoot location?

My dream photographer also happens to be my husband, Scott Schisler. He is the best out there, period. By far the hardest working photographer I’ve ever worked with. He is a master of lighting! He always put me at ease and makes me feel beautiful!!! Strongly diversified in his artistic talents, much of his work is heavily influenced by his passion for scenic landscapes, animals and extraordinary light. His iconic images combine natural elements with female form and beauty.


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