Fellas, Need A Tip on How to Give Some Head?

This is how to ask a girl to give you head, by a girl!!

Give some head on Vologlam.com

Ladies, fellas, you look like you need some help!!

There are several ways in which partners indicate to one another that they want some downtown lovin’.
Ready to give some head guys??


I enjoy doing the good deed for someone else, but I definitely expect a return on my investment. However, after all the times my head's been shoved into crotch without warning, I stop doing my best work and its Tooth City for you, bro.

So, to actually get this job done right, here's just a few ways to ask for life-changing oral👅 sex.

  1. 1 Ask if they even perform oral sex

    Before you get too excited, you need to check in with them (preferably beforehand) and go through your likes and dislikes about sex in a separate conversation. I think that’s the least you guys can do.

  2. 2 Brush their hair

    Without totally fucking up their waves, it's always nice to give the hair a few gentle swoops. It's like the prequel to getting serviced. Rather than just pushing their head down and giving them a neck injury, lightly comb your hand through their locks. The gesture is likely to get them to pause from whatever they're doing to refocus on you and I might even say it's a little…romantic? 😍A head massage can do a lot of thangs, people.

  3. 3 Let them touch you, first (with your permission)

    Sex is all about give and take and when you pull back, they will push forward. If you're lucky, they won't tease you and give your genetalia some love. Just don’t force anyone into it. Otherwise it’s called a RAPE and not LOVE😏.

  4. 4 A simple 'are you down?' will do the trick

    Don’t be a condescending asshole in the way you bring it up. Ask her like you'd ask your mother for a cookie before dinnertime (sorry if I deflated your boner) 😕. Maybe not in the baby voice that you would've used when you were four, but polite enough to where they'll make the move to give you what you want🙃.

That’s the END of the story. No more lectures on how to give some head, by a girl😉

Wait I promise this is the last #1

Just make sure you pay it forward back for doing you a solid. That's what I call equal pay.

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