Is it God’s plan that gave Drake the Devel Sixteen?

This thing is a monster.....

Devel Sixteen on

The budget for this (I meant Drake’s video I’m Upset) video was $996,631.90. We spent it all and more on a Devel Sixteen. 

Do not tell the label.??







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One of the biggest enigmas in the car world is currently the Devel Sixteen. The bizarre hyper car from the sandbox has on paper specs where Ferrari and companions get a red head as if they just ate a too spicy dish at an Indian restaurant. Under the hood there is a 12.3 litre V16, which emits a maximum of 5,007 hp, at least according to its makers. Despite the contents of the engine, that would mean an unbelievably specific capacity of 407 hp per litre. Maybe if they throw trinitrotoluene into the tank ...

If you do not mind, we do not believe anything until we see hard evidence.

Photo via Instagram(@tonybet)

Anyway, even if we consider the claim of 5,007 hp as a clever piece of sandboxian braggadocio (and no, that's not a typo), the Devel is an impressive thing, provided that the project is at least seriously off the ground. For the latter you need some customers and exposure. It looks like Devel has found both in rapper Drake.



The somewhat melodramatic word artist from the Six (Toronto, Canada) has received the first Sixteen, that's what it's called. A certain Tony Bet of Driving Emotions Toronto put the car on the grams as proof that he has arrived in Canuckistan, via Turkish Airlines. The car also comes together with the rapper's Coward in Drakes new clip I'm upset. Did we already say that Dizzy sometimes tends to be a bit melodramatic?


Really, there is nothing on the road that is as absurd as this supersonic rocket on four wheels. But you have to expect a hefty price tag for that kind of madness. 

With a starting price of 1.8 million dollars, this is certainly not a car that you buy for fun. Oh yes, still pitch: the car pulls smoothly to 100 km / h in 1.8 seconds. 

Make test drive?

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