Dana Hamm Shot by Scott Schisler

Dana Hamm is co-founder and creative director of Iconic Beauty Images. She is a popular American model best known for her exotic beauty and fit curvaceous figure. Her heritage includes unique mixture of Scotts-Irish, Welsh and Native American (Cherokee).


Model: Dana Hamm | @DanaHammOfficial

Photographer: Scott Schisler | @IconicBeautyImages

Photo Shoot Location: St Martin/St Barth

Dana Hamm is co-founder and creative director of Iconic Beauty Images. She is a popular American model best known for her exotic beauty and fit curvaceous figure. Her heritage includes unique mixture of Scotts-Irish, Welsh and Native American (Cherokee). Dana met photographer Scott Schisler and together the power couple launched her career as a fitness model in 2002; her quick rise to success led to numerous magazine covers, pictorials and endorsements. After accomplishing her goals in the world of fitness, Dana progressed to mainstream modeling and acting where she has worked ever since. Her illustrious career exploded into almost every aspect of show business including: magazine model, Guess Jeans, reality TV, film, Chicago Morning Show, The Face of Alexis Vogel Cosmetics, Uncle Sam Clothing & Apparel and more! Her popular images have also been licensed for wall posters, calendars and retail advertisements.
Dana Hamm has been included on a number of ‘most beautiful women’ and “sexiest women” lists on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Model Mayhem and other websites. It is widely believed that Dana Hamm’s likeness was the mold used to create the award-winning MGA Toys “Bratz Doll Dana”.
Now Dana brings all her experiences to Iconic Beauty Images. This company is her passion. She is actively involved with all aspects of the business from bookings and locations to makeup, wardrobe and editing. She is present on every shoot and works closely with Scott and her clients to achieve the best lighting, composition and poses. She maintains a sterling reputation, both on and off the set, as a creative, professional and fun to work with.
In addition to being a successful model and actress, she is also a skilled marketer, makeup artist, stylist and certified expert in Adobe Photo Shop retouching specializing in high end beauty editing. Dana also works closely with a broad range of magazines in the efforts of getting her client’s images published.


Interview with Dana Hamm

Where were you born? Same place you were raised?

“I was born and raised in North Carolina. Yep, I’m a southern belle at my roots!… But now I reside in Columbus, Ohio.”

What are your hobbies aside from modeling?

“Photography, graphic design, fitness & health, travel and I’m a huge animal lover!!!”

Do you go to school or have a career?

“I’m a professional model, actress, spokesperson and I run my own photography/travel company called Iconic Beauty Images.”

What can you remember about your first shoot ever?

“I was so nervous, lol!! I was rubbing my body down with preparation during breaks, because I was hoping it would make me look skinnier, lol.”

Who is your biggest supporter?

“Definitely my husband as it should be :)”

What do you have to say to body shamers/haters?

“Well, of course I don’t think it’s nice to put others down, but in some cases you almost expect it to happen like clockwork, like for example when Sports Illustrated publishes plus size models. Obviously, some people aren’t going to agree with it and will see it as promoting obesity, just as some people don’t agree with bone thin models and think it’s promoting eating disorders.

Body shamers and haters are always going to expressing their opinions no matter what. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are put under a microscope for either being too thin, too fat, too plastic, too fit, etc… If you’re in the public eye you have to expect it and accept it. But personally I think beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes! That’s what makes the world and its humans even more interesting. I would say to body shamers and haters: worry about you, because hating on other women will not change how you look.”

What would you say is your best and worst feature?

“My eyes are my best feature. I get a lot of compliments on them and that makes me feel good, because it’s the first thing you really notice about all people.”

Do you like to travel? If yes, where have you been? And where are you planning to take off too next?

“I LOVE to travel. It’s a part of job and something I really enjoy in general and plan to do until I’m too old to go. I have been all over! It’s easier to name places I haven’t been such as South Africa and Australia. My next trip will be to Miami and then after that I go to St Martin/St Barth.”

What is one sure way to winning your heart?

“Say yes to everything I want, lol!!! No seriously in this day and time I’m just elated by honest, caring & sincere people, because it is very rare these days.”


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