Europeans Definition Of Micro-Micro Bikini: C-String??

FLASH the FLESH this summer!

C-String Bikini on

Some crazes are brief, but these briefs are just crazy!

Imagine an article of clothing that makes the G-string look like, by comparison, a hoodie! Well, we’re talking about this summer beach fashion fad, the c-string! Oh, and they’re being worn by women…and men!

Coming to a beach near you. Not me, I live in Mumbai. We have beaches, but far too few women that can pull this off.
It’s good or bad news, totally up to you guys. But for those of us still grimacing from the skivvies wedged between our bums for most of the 00s–the torture device known as a G-string has spawned an even more uncomfortable cousin known as the “C-string,” and you won’t believe it ’till you see it (warning: photos kinda NSFW!).

C-String Bikini on

It’s bathing suit season! That time of year when you get to think a lot about the state of your body, ingrown hairs, and your bikini line.

You get to plop down on the beach next to your friends only to look down and realize you should have scheduled some sort of bikini maintenance before the weekend. And not – sadly – on Monday.

If you are ambitious enough to go bathing suit shopping, you endure florescent lighting, changing rooms with flimsy curtains barely protecting your privacy and mirrors that seem to enlarge rather than reduce.

Twitter : @GregHillWAAF

And if you’re like me, you’ve probably marveled at the men’s speedo and thought to yourself, why can’t we women have a bathing suit option that is so sleek and simple? Well, wonder no more my dear friends because the c-string bikini is apparently here.

This thing is insane. It looks like some sort of colourful maxi pad and it seems to defy gravity. That’s the whole bottom. And somehow it stays on. People are wearing this! (But trust me on this people have mixed reviews. Don’t go on my words. Just warning you all!)

Instagram : @vonkaromanov

As Buzzfeed pointed out, the C-string makes the average G-string look like granny undies.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the C-string. This super small crotch cover is available as underwear (if you can call them that) and as a bikini bottom.


The Upside? You can order the C-String Bikini in different colors and a variety of fabrics.  Let me try to describe it. In the front, it looks like sexy underwear, and in the rear, it has a thong strip, like a thong panty. With no strings attached…lol no pun intended and no more tan lines.  They say: "the C-String is not just for the beach or pool it can be worn under all your favorite clothes: dresses, skirts, jeans. Or you can use it as a headband! Or an eye patch! See how creative this thing can be😅😅

The downside? You have to wear this crazy thing and people will actually see you.

Because I am such a serious writer, I decided just to write about it and not to try it out.😑 😑


So, if regular thongs are just too much underwear for you, why not give it a try?

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