Ashlie Noelle by Leif Helsing | VOLOGLAM HotGirl

Ashlie Noelle has been modeling professionally for four years. Her biggest accomplishment was acting in a commercial for Volkswagen that was released in December (2017).


Model: Ashlie Noelle | @ash_lie.noelle

Photographer: Leif Helsing | @helsingphoto

Ashlie Noelle

“I had such a blast shooting this set with Leif!  He happened to be in my city on a business trip, so we connected and shot in a really cool hotel in the Downtown Denver. The colors in the hotel room gave the shoot a different vibe.Oh my gosh, I am so excited to be t he featured Glam Girl! I love seeing all of the different work that goes into VOLO GLAM, so I’m ecstatic to be chosen to be alongside all of the other amazing models.

I habe modeled professionally for four years, but my career has really picked up speed in the past year. I’ve been working so hard and I’m excited that I have in the works. My biggest accomplishment so far was acting in a commercial for volkswagen that was realeased in December (2017). We filmed it in aspen, Colorado. It was so cool to see my name on a call sheet for such a big-brand company. It is definitely something I will always remember. The job came at such an ironic time, too.  I had been crossing my fingers for something good and exciting.

I model 4-6 times per week, so my free time is pretty coveted. When I am not modeling I am coaching figure skating or working as a personal trainer. I like to take advantage of living in Colorado, too. I enjoy going for a nice hike and ending the day at a restaurant in downtown Denver. If I am not doing any of those things, watch out. I’m probably shopping.”

Hot Girl

VOLOGLAM interview with Ashlie Noelle

What are your plans for 2018 – Modeling wise?

Let’s see- I would really love to do a music video with an intricate back story. I think that would be a lot of fun. I have a bunch of different commercials for different companies lined up, as well as some product shoots. I am also planning on traveling to a few different cities to model at trade shows again this year. 

Do you ever deal with haters? If yes, how do you handle them? 

You know, people get really weird when things started going well. I don’t know. It’s strange. I have some super successful friends and I am my friend’s biggest fans. It’s so much fun to fun to pull people up! I have encountered some people who were less than pleased to see my success grow with my modeling and acting career and I have dealt with it by removing them from my life. It used to be hard for me, but I’ve gotten better at parting ways quickly. I have business to do and new friends to meet, so I don’t have time for any negativity 

What helps you come out of your shell?

It’s not very often that I feel shy, but on the rare occasion, cracking some sort of joke helps me to adjust to my surroundings. Humor is something a lot of people have in common, so saying something that makes everyone smirk a bit can really good at laughing at my own jokes, so at least one person in the room will be smiling (ME).

Any advice for other models who are just starting out?

Hang in there! Modeling is tuff and it takes a lot of confidence building. Be firm in your identity as a model and keep your head on your shoulders. Build your brand and stand by it. Do your research and network like crazy. Take constructive criticism, but don’t take it to heart. This is a crazy hard industry to break into.


5 Fun Facts about Ashlie Noelle


Tiffany Blue 


Right Wing Defense 


My new red bottoms. They’re so beautiful


Bar Harbor, Maine. It’s such a chic town


Oh gosh, my mother is going to kill me. Fuck 

Follow her on instagram @ash_lie.noelle

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