Alexis Ryan in ‘Loud Colors’ by Lettuce Photography


Model: Alexis Ryan | @alexisryan.official

Photographer: Lettuce Photography | @lettucephotography

Stylist: Delaney

Contributing Companies: Kushie Brand | @kushiebrands

“This set fits Volo because of the message the publication sends. To slay all perspectives in a pushing forward was for the industry. It give me this “This my body and I do what I want” kinda attitude. Pushing different perspectives, challenging the growth in the industry pushing it forward. When Alexis and I meet together to shoot thats goal number one.”

Lettuce Photography

Alexis Ryan’s Interview:

So, how much fun was this shoot?

“This shoot was absolutely amazing! It is always a great time shooting with Lettuce Photography.

From the props to the wardrobe, we really know how to make things happen. We both have such creative minds with such different views, and when we put our creativity together it becomes magical!

What makes it so much easier is in the process of planning shoots and shooting back to back for months, we became friends, and that makes the model and photographer more comfortable-especially if you’re shooting nudity or implied nudity. Lettuce Photography is definitely one of my favorite photographers to shoot with.”


When is your birthday? Do you know your sign?

“My birthday is June 17, 1995 and I am a Gemini. Being a Gemini is absolutely amazing because we are known to have a split personality and we get the best of both worlds. People think we are mean, but we love hard and hurt harder.

We say what’s on our mind and never hold back. When we have our mind set on something we are known to do it. I feel like being head strong is one of our most important traits, because when we know what we want, we will stop for no one, and run over anyone that is in our way.”

Whats it like being a smokin’ hot model?

“Being a model got me lost for words. I truly cannot express how much I love what I do. I take my job very seriously. I never thought that one day my wish of becoming a model would come true!

I may be smoking hot, but I have flaw just like everyone else. As a model, I want to be able to make people feel good and confident about themselves no matter the situation.

I feel like the word model is short for role model, and everyone is constantly watching your every move, so I try to make the best decisions possible for my career’s future as a smoking hot model!”


Did you always know you were meant to be in front of a camera?

“When I was younger, I was a dancer and gymnast, so I have always been a performer/entertainer. I would watch girls in music videos and tell my mom ” I want to be that girl!”

When I was seventeen, my mom set up a photo shoot with one of her photographer friends, and I just fell in love being behind the camera. I knew right then and there this was my calling! She saw how much this made me happy and took on the role as my manager.”

When did you first have your taste of modeling?

My very first official photo shoot was with HTC, the cell phone company. It was a three day shoot in Laguna Beach and Joshua Tree. We had our own hotel room, our own make up artists, and wardrobe stylists. A couple of months after the shoot, I had friends and family taking screen shots of emails from HTC sending them, asking if it was me! When you turned on the HTC M9, my face was the first thing to pop up! My dreams had finally come true

Who are some of your inspirations as a model?

“As a model, I try not to get too wrapped up in inspirations because I find that people who inspire me, I try to recreate their looks, and I feel that takes away from my own creativity. However one model that is my only inspiration is Marilyn Monroe. She was considered a plus size model back in the day and struggled from anxiety and depression.

Going through something that effects your everyday life so much but to still fight through it somehow, especially in this industry of rejection is probably the strongest thing a person can do. I admire her so much for that. I feel there is nothing more beautiful than loving yourself.”

Did you ever deal with bullying? If yes, how did you overcome it?

“Bullying has haunted me my whole entire life- from elementary school, to high school, and even some college. I have big ears and I have always been self-conscious about them. I’ve been called Dumbo my whole life.

I remember coming home from school just balling my eyes out. Both of my parents have them, as well, and it was just destiny for me. I have always wore my hair down, and would only put it up in the privacy of my own home. Even for cheer practice and football games I would still try to hide them with my hair. It felt like the whole football stadium was staring at my ears and laughing at me. It was one of the worst times of my life. Surgery has always been a option for me.

To this day, I haven’t one hundred percent overcame this problem. I try to tell myself that I am beautiful the way I am, but it still gets to me sometimes.” 

Message for the haters?

“My message to the haters is: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” This is one of my favorite quotes from Dr. MLK. It is such a positive message spreading love and awareness that nothing ever comes out of hate.

Haters are everywhere, and hate is what motivates me to do better. I feel like if people are hating on you, than you are doing your job right!”

What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

“In the future I plan to either be modeling for Victoria’s Secret, Maxim, or any huge name brand company. I would love to continue to do Fashion (Editorial), Print, Runway, Commercial, Swimsuit, Lingerie, Glamour, and also pursue my dream as an actress.

I truly see myself going so far, especially with the passion I have for this industry. I want to possibly start my own make-up line, and go to cosmetology school so that when I’m on sets and a make-up artist no shows or cancels last minute, I will be able to step up and make some extra money. I really love making people beautiful and feel good about themselves. My future is so bright it’s blinding!”

Who is your biggest fan?

“My all time biggest fan would have to be my mother from day one. My mother is my biggest supporter and takes on so many roles in my life such as a mother, a manager and a best friend! She has managed me in acting and modeling for the last 4 years, and is currently also working with a LA based management company.

She loved managing me so much she decided to manage more than just me. To this day I am still, and always will be, her main focus with all that she has going on. She has nothing but the best intentions for me. Her only intention is to really see me happy and succeed, and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that!”

Lettuce Photography and Alexis Ryan had some what of an idea of what they wanted to shoot but they were still just free styling.

Photographer’s Note:

“This set was inspired by that late night light bulb that we get sometimes as artist, it will make you just start making something happen. So we had some what of an idea of what we wanted to shoot but we where still just free styling. We had both been shooting earlier that day with other artist so were starting late like 11:30 pm, but we where still in high spirits because were so trusting in each other as artist that there was no doubt on still slaying what ever we would come up with. As you can see we defiantly can be some late night owls haha.

Lettuce Photography






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