Abi Barista by Andrew Haynes | VOLOGLAM.COM HotGirl

Abi Barista has been modeling for almost a year now....and as of right now, being feature in VOLOGlam.com has been a great accomplishment for her!


Model: Abi Barista | @barista.abi

Photographer: Andrew Haynes | @andrewxhaynes


I’ve been a barista for a little more than 3 years now, and became a bikini barista a year ago!! I used to be a dancer and still love the occasional hip hop or contemporary class…and I’m pretty much a huge nerd!! Obsessed with Harry Potter and horror movies. Almost a year ago is when I started modeling for fun, now I’m trying to be more serious about it!

 My biggest struggle has been finding the right photographers to work with! I have a large social media following from being a bikini barista and some of them are just creeps!”


Interview with Abi Barista

Did you always dream of becoming a model? When did you first begin to think that modeling was the path for you?

I  have wanted to be a model since I was a little girl! I’d practice posing in the mirror and for my family!

What are your plans for 2018 – Modeling wise?

My plans for this year are to get signed to an agency and further my modeling career! 

Do you ever deal with haters? If yes, how do you handle them? 

Yes I absolutely deal with haters!! Most of the time I just block them….not worth my time or energy! 

What helps you come out of your shell?

 Confidence is key! Work what ya mama gave ya and don’t care what anybody thinks!! 


Single or ready to get out n’ mingle?

I am single currently! 

What is your ethnicity?

I’m mostly white (obviously), Native American and Portuguese! 


5 Fun Facts about Abi Barista






Leap Frog 


Leo Femme Wave



Follow her on instagram @barista.abi


Photographer : Andrew Haynes

I never approach a shoot with a set “Concept” in mind. Each shoot is done on the fly. I feel like you can prep/prepare/formula ideas all you want and things still may not work out or look how you thought. For that reason, I approach each shoot as a collaboration with the model. Bouncing ideas back and forth, just shooting. Some of my best shots have come from a quick, “Hey, lets try this…” I found Abi, on Instagram, and reached out to her before my trip. For being relatively new to modeling, Abi was very easy to work with. She was comfortable in from of the camera, knew how to pose/stand, even the little tricks like standing on your toes. You wouldn’t have know it was only her 3rd time shooting. The shoot itself was relatively quick, we worked our way through the house, trying different angles, outfits, playing with the light in different spots. I mostly let her pose freely, offering suggestions or ideas here and there. This turned out to be one of my best shoots of the trip, it always impresses me when someone with little or no experience really surprises you like that. 

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